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Kirti Kaul Singh

Director – Operations

Founder & CEO

About Kirti Kaul Singh

With total 19 years of Experience in Operations, Admin & Customer Service, I have worked from ICICI Bank to Aviva Life Insurance to Airtel to Tata Sky and lastly, in ICICI Lombard GIC, there is one thing, which I have learnt .. and always tell to my team, which is – Listen to your Heart and work in any such way you want to do, that’s what true empowerment is. Also, “Let’s not wait for the outer world to give you the empowerment, take the bold step to empower yourself and make the change”.. you will be self-satisfied at the End of the Day.

If any employee is coming to me and saying besides what company policies may be or there is a particular SOP, if it all it can be bent looking at the customer’s benefit, it’s always welcome.  Have always told them to put themselves in the customer’s shoes and then work on TAT or Disbursement or Sanctioning of the file. The smile when a customer gets after any of his cases are closed, is worth millions.

Also, peer relationships are important to maintain a healthy environment in the company and we adhere to strict rules in certain areas.

Overall, We continuously reshape the department’s best practices to provide Client Satisfaction & unnecessary choking of the Employee’s Bandwidth.

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