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General Questions

ROI% always depends on your past track record & cibil score and your current financial ratio’s .

Again it depends on your financial papers and the security which you are providing.

After you provide all your complete financials and other required documents, it takes 10-15 working* days to get the funds in your account.

About KK FINITY Loan

We are authorised channel partners for all the pvt banks and NBFC’s from past 6 years along with the past banking experience of 21 years ( Founder’s ) hence we can provide you with the best solution for your financial requirements.

We don’t charge anything from the customer to process the loan. Only Bank Processing charges would be asked from the customer.


  • The founder has deep knowledge of products & post-sales service as they have the prior 21 years of banking experience.
  • Because of this experience, they have a very good relationship with all the senior-level people in banks and NBFC’s, which helps in processing the loan faster and with the best deal.
  • They also have a platform where, after disbursement, the customer gets the digital space in the cloud of their website ( www.kkfinity.com ) and in the mobile app ( KK FINITY ), where he can access his entire documents, free of cost and at his fingertips from anywhere in the world.